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Koen De keersmaecker



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Koen is a visual facilitator, a visual trainer and a visual coach. He is the founder of Bizzuals, a visual incubator that empowers people and organisations to think with the pen. His main observation is “People think they understand each other, but in reality it seems not always the case.”


As a bikablo® certified global trainer, he trains and coaches people and teams in the bikablo® visualization technique – a technique which improves learning, knowledge transfer, dialogue and collaboration.


Over the last 10 years he has been working as a pragmatic “Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach”, supporting companies big and small in their improvement journeys in ever-changing markets, be it adoption of Agile models or thriving as a start-up.


Today his passion is exploring new techniques and methods for inspiring people and making their messages stick.


He lives with his wife and 2 sons in Antwerp.



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soon to be discovered ...

Stefaan Ooms


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Stefaan is an art director with 14 years experience in the agency world running his own communication hub for 3 years.
He studied graphic design and mixed media in Antwerp and is a passioned drawer and painter from his early years.

As master in arts he starts every creation, communication campaign, corporate branding or key visual in his sketch book. He strongly believes that a well drawn idea is the most flexible yet strongest way to convince a client within a-mostly- short deadline.

As Art director he knows how to handle the digital tools and turn his drawn ideas into eye cathing visuals or timeless corporate creations.

His credo: “every good idea starts with a sketch, a cup of coffee and a conversation”
So poor out the coffee and grab that pencil….let’s start drawing.

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