Is your work constantly impeded by a lack of flow?  The verb ‘impede’ is defined as “to delay or prevent (someone or something) by obstructing or hindering them”.  Besides delay, prevent, obstruct, and hinder, other synonyms for impede are hamper, hold back/up, interfere with, disrupt, slow (down), block, stop, thwart, frustrate, and derail.  Do any of these synonyms describe your daily work?  If you are in creative knowledge and professional service delivery work, it is a good bet that your work is impeded constantly.  It is also a good bet that the way work is managed, even the way we manage work for ourselves and for others, is largely responsible.  What is a word or concept to describe the opposite of all these?  Flow.

As more and more companies have its share of experience with Agile development we are now looking at how we can make our entire business agile. A deeper insight in how and why agile works is the pre-requisite for business agility and the agile organization. Flow thinking has proven to be foundational.

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