Slicing for Happiness - Learning Journey Map

Nowadays everybody is talking about strategic planning and analysis slicing methods to deliver high-valued products in Agile organizations. In this learning journey poster you will find out what is behind it all, from team level all the way up to senior management and back. Agile planning and analysis means looking for ways to understand your customer, thinking in options, validating assumptions, looking for value, taking commitments, prioritisation and continuously striving to better meet your customers expectations. This visual will guide you through the flow from ‘suspected need to fulfilled need’ and it explains the mindset behind it.


This Learning Journey Poster is the essential tool to help any trainer/facilitator/practioner to have a quick at-a-glance reference at their fingertips. Whether you simply want to learn more about the methods or process or use it as a vital part in your workshops , this poster is presented in a user-friendly style with simple explanations and intuitive illustrations making it easy to follow and to learn from.

Poster dimensions: 200 mm * 75 mm

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