Advanced program

the best of bikablo advanced visualization methodologies in a two-day-nutshell

2 Day - bikablo Advanced Training

Take the next step in building your future as a visualizer! Jump into the world of Visual Storytelling and Graphical Recording and be amazed about the power and impact it will bring. The bikablo Advanced training program aims to combine the best of both worlds into 1 training and it will be brought to you during a 2 days visual adventure.

2 Days Training

for practitioners 

with previous knowledge (bikablo or other)


bikablo Visual Storytelling & Graphical Recording


1 or 2 Trainer(s) of bikablo academy

950,– EUR



Have you taken the first steps in visualization and are you ready for the next step?

Invest in the bikablo Advanced training program and deep dive again into the world of visual thinking! In addition to our 1 and 2 days basic trainings, you and your team will profit from more time for enhancing visualization skills and transferring them to your everyday business:

  • have the time to recap on the details of the bikablo basic techniques

  • learn the most important basic techniques from the Visual Storytelling training

Learn how to give people access to those topics which are close to their heart in a whole new way. Learns how to transform even dry, complex subjects into lively picture stories. With the bikablo emotions figures, large-format layout techniques and visual dramatic composition, you can convey your messages in a more emotional and lively way, and in doing so open a door to education, discussion, and change in a way that is far superior to “death by PowerPoint.”

  • learn the most important basic techniques from the Graphic Recording training

Learn how to visualize contents from presentations and discussions in order to reflect these in dialogue processes and become trained in listening to, structuring and drawing content – and practise visual documentation using different formats and presentation techniques


  • get a whole learning phase to develop visualized posters for complex processes, projects,

    change topics or personal issues. The trainer will help you along with tips and tricks, and a professional feedback.


​In a relaxed learning atmosphere, you will experience how easy it is to use small tricks to make large pin board areas striking and lively. The trainer takes a lot of time to introduce you to the secrets of the bikablo visualization techniques and to answer your questions:

- Learn the he most important basic techniques from the Visual Storytelling training:

  • Create and draw heroes who convey your subject as an exciting story

  • Get to know the background and structure of a visual story

  • Work with frames to get the most important scenes of your story concise

- Learn the most important basic techniques from the Graphic Recording training:

  • Summarize dialogues live using the "grape technology"

  • Communicate the central message of an event as an important visual

  • Get to know different basic structures of live visual documentation

  • Learn how to optimally use the preparation and follow-up time of a live event



- Discover your own individual style:

  • Discuss your individual strengths with the other advanced participants and optimize your style

- Practical Case

This training is for you if:
  • you have taken the first steps in visualization and are you ready for the next step into the world of visual facilitation, graphical recording and storytelling

  • you are convinced that visualizations help you to create the impact you need and therefore you want to further specialize yourself in this discipline.


Especially for:

  • Managers & Leaders

  • Project Manager, Agile Coach, Scrum Master or Iteration Manager

  • Trainer, Coach or Facilitator

  • User Experience Expert, Business Analyst

  • Product Owners / Product Managers

  • Agile Team Leader, Delivery Lead

  • Knowledge worker like Software Developers or Science

What else do you get:
  • bikablo® certificate: every participant receives a bikablo® certificate after completing the training

  • bikablo® StarterSet: Every participant receives the official StarterSet including visualization markers and StarterBooklet that summarizes the principles, content and techniques of the training.

  • Documentation: For follow-up participants will receive a digital photo documentation of all results.

  • Invitation to join the exclusive bikablo® Online Community for alumni with a user forum and a specialist knowledge database.

  • One-off 15% discount for purchase Neuland material

Info in a nutshell:
  • Price​: 950, - EUR incl. material costs, lunch and snacks, plus VAT

  • Location: Brussels  

  • Trainer: Koen De keersmaecker, Global licensed trainer bikablo Academy

  • Group: Max 16 participants

  • Language: Dutch/English - language will be decided on site


  • Registration: Online, easy and convenient via this link. Because we like to make it personal - we will contact you within 48 hours after your subscription was received.

  • Copywrite: The bikablo® technique and the training concepts are protected by copyright. Find out more here.


2 Days bikablo Advanced in Belgium

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